Friday, September 23, 2011

Regarding Beauty Part II

Identity and Fashion

Identity is fluid so is fashion but identity is considerably less fluid than fashion. Fashion can be a way  to express oneself but fashion is only responsible in expressing part of an identity of a person. However if one belongs to a certain faith or religion or race, one’s fashion is within the parameters of the dress code set for them due to their faith, race and heritage.

It is interesting how fashion constantly re-invents following changes in the global trends and progress of the human race. Often we find ourselves no longer like the same outfit which we used to think we looked good in and there are times I find that I no longer like to dress the way I used to dress. It could be due to the fact that the particular cut or design of the top or pants or skirt had simply outgrown the time or me and a certain style which once suited me somehow make me feel misplaced or that the dressing is not representative of me. 
I tend to believe that the substance of a person determines how one looks to a large extent although one’s dressing plays a small part in the overall appearance of a person. There are people who are very fashionable and there are some who are less fashionable. There are the discerning lot and those who simply do not seem to care much about dressing up. We each have our own palate and preferences so what we consider beautiful may not be acceptable to another. Some people can carry on with certain type of dressing while other kind of dressing go well with certain people. One’s physique may limit one’s preference for certain dressing but some choose to dress as they please. How one dresses may depend on one's jobs and areas of work one is in and for practicality. A particular style of dressing may go well with one at a certain age and may not depict well at another age. Simplicity is probably the best way to dress. Dressing up can be fun and it can be a demonstration of the kind of personality one is and also it is a representation of the state of mind of a person and his or her area of interests.

In order to look good, there is the whole works that go with it. We have to keep ourselves healthy and fit and in order to stay healthy and fit , we have to live well; in order to live well, we must eat sensibly, sleep well and exercise regularly. Most of us know that  living well means living in the present and one must  mind and watch one’s thoughts hence one’s words. We are who we are  not just through  how we dress but what we say and how we think.  Ultimately I feel that however we hide behind our clothings, we are who we are. Perhaps in order to create ourselves we have to find ourselves.

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