Monday, June 9, 2014

Time Tunnel

La Saone, France

Over lunch one Saturday, I  told a  good friend some embarrassing yarns in my life and I have to acknowledge that in my young days, I had done some silly things and things  which are pretty much uncharacteristic of me.  I have a tendency to challenge myself unnecessarily. An American 19th century author and philosopher, Henry David Thoreau once said, “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Nothing really matters if you really think about it as what really matters is how you live your present life.

Gray, France
Time travel is a popular theme for movies as it is not uncommon to think that if you could travel back in time and were given a second chance, how would you change your life? Last Wednesday night, I watched Camille Redouble  at the French Film Festival. Camille Redouble is about a forty year old woman whose husband  has fallen for a younger woman and their 25 years’ marriage ends in divorce. Camille feels bitter and has a drinking problem. On New Year’s eve, she goes to a party hosted by her high school friends and she passes out after having too much to drink. She then finds herself waking up in a hospital bed and her parents are there to get her home. When Camille realizes that she is back to her sixteen year old self, she vows to avoid her ex husband Eric since she knows how her love for Eric is going to end. Camille Redouble is a charming and sweet story. Incidentally on Thursday night, I surfed the television channels and chanced upon the science fiction comedy film “ Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel”. The English film is a love comedy that has three friends commuting between future and present in a pub . Last week, I watched X-Men: Days of Future Past and it is  about how the mutants have to travel back in time to change history in order to prevent a total destruction of both humans and mutants. I surprised myself that I actually enjoyed the movie that was  based on the characters appearing in Marvel Comics. Superhero film is never my kind of movies but I find the concept of future past fascinating as time does feel like expandable at times.

Movies that involve parallel universe or worlds and give time a different dimension are entertaining.  In one’s experience, there must be   moments when time  appears to be on standstill. When I am conscious about the ticking of the clock, time slows down. Time definitely appears to accelerate as I get older. After a vacation that is packed with activities, I feel that I have been away longer than the actual period of my time away. I  am aware that there is absolutely no way that I can escape the passage of time as time goes on no matter what I do. While I should set some time lines for things I want to do and books I want to read, I must not become impatient when faced with gush of time passing that is irreversible in reality.
La Saone

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