Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Magic of Words

23rd of November is the International Day of Words, the date  the Museum of the Word (Museo de la Palabra)  opened. To celebrate the anniversary of the word as a bond to humankind, there is a 100-word flash fiction competition click organised by the Cesar Egido Serrano Foundation. click

Words make one ponder. Words also make one wonder. Often the less is said the better if words will only cause hurt as one may forgive but not forget the harsh words made by another.

Words are like double-edged swords, with the right phrases, used with the right tone and intention, they can persuade, pacify and even inspire, with the wrong tone, they can condescend, sound righteous and unkind. A comment or criticism can be constructive or destructive. It is a matter of words. 

I am a bookworm. When I walk into a bookstore, the sight of the books stacked on the bookshelves comforts me. I go to a bookstore not knowing what I am seeking but there will always be something that catches my interest and it does not take long for me to pick up a good read. Words are powerful and I am often thrilled by beautiful writings by words wizards whose voices simply captivate and one must apply the mind to read them.

What we say may or may not be what we think or what we mean, thus we must watch what we say and how we say things. One must choose one’s words wisely before one expresses one’s thoughts, otherwise, it may cause misunderstandings.

I only wish that the love of language could be taught. Words describe and transcend all that define us, our beliefs, our insecurities, our hypocrisies, our truths and the ordinary events that shape our lives. Poignant writings touch our hearts, humour, tickle and make us see the lighter side of life while thought-provoking passages find its way to stir our conscience.

When I stumble upon good writings, I fervently hope that more people do read them. And I truly believe that it is through reading that one cultivates empathy and a  better understanding of humankind.

Word on the Water click

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